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Stock Market Integration and The Pricing for Regionalism

by Hooy Chee Wooi

Publisher - University of Malaya Press

Category - General Academics

In the early 1990s the spirit of regionalism has found its way in most continents: EU in Europe, NAFTA in America, and AFTA in Asia. Many of these new trading blocs cover arrangement of regional financial integration, which more or less affects the mobility of capital in the region and changes the pricing of financial assets in the related stock markets. This book offers a new perspective on asset pricing ‐ to examine the effect of trade regionalism on the pricing of risk in the regional equity markets. The main features of the book includes highlights on the research of stock market integration over the last few decades; empirical framework of pricing the effect of trade regionalism; and the robust empirical evidences through advance econometric analysis on high frequency monthly data.

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