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Taqua of Marriage

by Omar Zaid

Publisher - omar zaid

Category - General Novel

Marriage has become a kind of "trench warfare" with spouses dug-in on either side of the gender-line. In-between lies ignorance of the “other” as a kind of no-man's land where insults are traded and frequent devastating assaults are launched. What has happened to the estate of marriage that it has become such a cause of despair for so many these days? If marriage is half the deen of Islam’s revealed requirements and instructions for salvation – i.e., if it is the venue in which Muslims are commanded to implement the comprehensive system of religion as perfected by the prophet (pbh) – then marriage is a holy institution and should be treated as such. Why then is it profaned by so many? Within this little book are the answers I propose that male-female dialogue is even more essential to a nation’s success than that of inter-faith discourse. I also propose that the chauvinist accord in Islamic jurisprudence essentially caused the decline of Islam because without the equal treatment of feminine wisdom and intuition in the affairs of marriage and community, civic unity imbued with the grace of true piety cannot be maintained well enough to establish the regency of truth and justice.

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