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XV Unexplained File L11 - The Sanguine Source

by Chang Lip Wei, Liew Chek Kee, Sloow Studio


Category - Comics

Lured to Balor Island by a suspicious summons, Ash, Katie, and a cranky Crowley are soon baffled by the bizarre! From taciturn townsfolk to a red river stemming from a summit seeping scarlet, its a murderous mess! Fear of a vengeful ancient power and its vampiric servant only makes matters worse as our troubled trio gradually find out the facts! As the plot thickens back at X-Central, Team X are on their own against incredible odds! Will Burt's brotherly bother yield for the better? Who, or what is the Night Walker and will his reign of terror be broken? How will our Xplorers expose THE SANGUINE SOURCE?

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