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Spiders: 100 Common Species in Penang

by Nik Ahmad Irwan Izzauddin Nik Him, Suhaila Ab. Hamid, Husni Che Ngah

Publisher - 2023

Category - General Academics

A whole book about spiders may or may not seem to be " a book of fear" to some, as few of us have held a creepy and hair-raising perception towards the creature. But what this book held, is an endless, fun,unique and intoxicating source of information about spider species. This is the first photographic identification book about spiders in Penang, Malaysia. Spiders: 100 Common Species in Penang concentrates on delivering spider species descriptions alongside gorgeous photographs. This book is aimed at readers who are interested in spiders and those who are terrified of them, as well as those who are skeptical about this eight-legged creature. Filled with stunning photographs, this photographic identification book is the outcome of the author's unique and enthusiastic efforts to attract readers and offer material with breathtaking photographs. The simple identification guide depicts 100 kinds of spiders found in Penang. One might learn to love, be interested, and eager to deep dive into the features, characteristics, and habitats of ranges of spider species after landing hands on this book. Overall, this book is a valuable source of reference for students, hobbyists, photographers as well and scientists working on spiders. Let us learn to appreciate their home in our 'home'.

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