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Born To Smile

by Nora Abu Hassan

Publisher - Nora Abu Hassan

Category - Motivation

Nora Tan Sri Abu Hassan spent her early years dealing with facial deformity, multiple surgeries, school bullies, tactless people, and enough emotional baggage to last a lifetime. Every day, she battled physical adversity with spiritual courage and went to achieve important life goals: university, a career in banking, running a successful business, becoming a wife, mother and recently, grandmother. And yet, self-acceptance remained elusive. Born To Smile is written for everyone desperately wanting to overcome adversity and to understand what it takes to get past self-criticism and low self-esteem. Nora Tan Sri Abu Hassan writes candidly about her birth defect, and the many trials and tribulations on her journey towards self-empowerment. Born To Smile is her story of personal courage, transformation and self-acceptance in the face of a world which challenged her to find her smile in the midst of her pain.

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