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The Chronicles of a Stink Chicken

by Kevin Munro

Publisher - Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Category - Sports & Hobbies

"The Chronicles of a Stink Chicken: Episodes includes eight short stories that describe some of the deceptions of madness for those who may wonder why or how? The background of the book, explained in the Foreword, is about a set of school friends now mainly deceased due to substance abuse or its longer term effects. The element of madness is used to portray some of the destruction to life that such illicit substances produce. Included are health and legal issues, the inevitable financial truths, and social negativities. Humour is used as a tool to show how easily a ""sufferer’s"" mind may be led into absurd beliefs. This is more than a ""Cuckoo’s Nest,"" as it ponders whether the characters are mad or simply crooks. Author Kevin Munro says these short stories cover a wide time period of from his life, ""re-weaved and spun. Therefore the Stink Chicken is probably myself, however, in a somewhat creative and remodeled world. You would be surprised how many elements and events in these absurd stories verging upon the surreal are actually true."" The colloquial of ""stink"" in Australian slang is a ""fight"" or simply something or someone that is not welcome. However, you are more than welcome to read this insightful fiction"

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