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Encountering The Globalizing West Investigating on Emerging Variety

by Hashim Musa

Publisher - University of Malaya Press

Category - General Academics

Globalizing West, Investigating, Europe, export, civilization, colonialism, imperialism, cultural, economic, media and diplomatic, hegemony, ideology, New World Order, globalization, Malay, Islamic perspective, moral, ethical, religious elements Synopsis| In the past Europe and the West have been exporting their civilization elements to the rest of the world through colonialism and imperialism, while in the present time they are still exporting them through cultural, economic, media and diplomatic hegemony as well as a new ideology of a "New World Order" disseminated through the process of globalization. Authors work presented in this book is an alternative overview of civilization i.e. civilization seen from a viewpoint of the Malay Islamic perspective. A civilization that has the human being as the focal element of development, while the moral ethical and religious elements are the fabrics that bind and determine the final pattern and shades of the development. In order to encounter and overcome the hegemonic elements of the secularizing West, the empowerment of the Malay Islamic element of civilization is indeed most essential, as proposed in this book.

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